Full Management

For this service we will undertake the following:

Everything included in the Tenant Finding and Rent Collection Services as well as the day to day looking after of you property. This service is designed to give you complete peace of mind and to be sound in the knowledge that your property is being well looked after.  

The day-to-day management, including all minor repairs.  Where possible, except in cases of emergency estimates will be submitted for your approval.  Minor repairs will be dealt with up to an agreed amount and deducted from your monthly rental balance. Alternatively a float may be left for this purpose.  Emergencies may be dealt with at our discretion in order to protect your property and comply with legislation.


Inspections – We will undertake regular checks to ensure the property is kept in good order. We will notify you and deal with any defects brought to our attention, however your inspection will deal with only obvious defects and is not a structural report. Tenants will also be advised if the Property is not kept to sufficient standards.

Deposit – When we manage your property we put the deposit with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (Deposits by law have to be held by a Government Approved Scheme)

Inventory – Ensure an Inventory is prepared on the Property’s content and condition (Standard charge applies). Professional Inventories are charged at an extra cost – advised

Utilities – We will ensure the bills are transferred into Tenants names with all relevant meter readings

Notices – Full management includes serving of all relevant notices and standard agreement.

Tax – Where a landlord resides abroad we are required by law to deduct non-resident landlord tax at the base rate of income tax, unless a self-assessment certificate is produced.  Further information on request.